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Strange wolf creature found in Montana

Descripion: This CreepyPasta Crawlies article is about the recent reported sighting of a wolf creature in Montana. This is a narrated short video article based on real events of how a wolf like creature suddenly caught my attention while vacationing in Montana. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about the story at this website. I would really appreciate it.

The story was published at Popular Science, which you can find online at their website at: Popular Sci-Fi and Fantasy Review. These creatures are said to be long-tailed wolf or even a wolf-shape. Most people in Montana are actually scared of these creatures or simply call them “Wolves” but not all the times, because there are also reports from the tourist spot that shows some cute and adorable little creatures that looks like a Wolf-shape but not quite. If you are going to Montana for your vacation, you do not have to worry about these animal attacks. The only thing you have to do is to look for the signs of these animals like a Raccoon or a Bear but if you do not find those signs, fear not because these animals are already part of the history books and are commonly found in Montana.

There were reports from a tourist that she saw a Wolf-shaped creature while she was looking for some fish near river. Apparently, this particular species is already extinct so these are the only species of animals left in the World. This species was said to be very rare and is already in the endangered species list. Although, these creatures can be seen easily in National parks and other places where there are large number of visitors, they are much rare to be found in Montana, which is located Minnesota. The only known population of this animal is in the south of Yellowstone National Park.

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