Creepy Pasta With Cheese Introduction

Welcome to all new users who have found this brand new site which will now host and be the home for all creepy pasta and cheese videos moving forward.

AWDAILY was the showcase area for this channel and will now be moving forward with article based topics only. As Creepy Pasta With Cheese has finally obtained its own dot com online. Variable outlets will still remain if viewers rather follow it in different ways. As this channel can be found on both YouTube and Facebook. However, for exclusive releases you will need to follow and subscribe here.

Here’s a description of what this channel is all about for those of you who don’t know.

Creepy Pasta With Cheese is A channel written and created by Antonio Westley. That tackles Scary paranormal Media and true stories of the world. Providing sources and overviews of subjects in the most recent details as possible. Feel free to check it out and discover some unusual tales you’ve never heard of or learn something new about what you may already know. Don’t miss out and subscribe. Videos will be released every Friday and Sat.

With A Running Time of 5-10 minutes.

On Facebook we already have views in the thousands. Unfortunately, YouTube is a different kind of beast and has far too many restrictions for smaller channels to thrive. Which is why Rumble has become the main video host option for exclusive releases. In the next few weeks videos will be re-released until brand new content takes it place. But, for those of you who are new here feel free to take a look around and support this new journey.

Currently we have three categories regarding what topics will be hosted here. Which comprises of Verified True Stories, Creatures and Monsters and Paranormal Stories. Topics are evaluated, updated and reviewed for quality and story telling purposes. So, readers of all types can enjoy these subjects, not just those who dabble in horror genres.

At some point an email contact area will be included for those who’d like to share ideas and bizarre stories down the road for future video and content. Until then enjoy what’s to come!

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